Amulet for Protection and Health - Sterling Silver

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Those looking for a piece of jewelry to keep negative energy at a far distance to bring about protection, health and strength will surely appreciate this amulet. This beautiful piece of jewelry is made of  silver and has the scared name of God inscribed in its heart. Angels inscribed names frame it.

This amulet bears a red piece of thread said to have been devised from Rachel Imenu's Tomb for fortification against the Evil Eye and the talisman was transcribed during the 16th century by Holly Ha’Ari.

This amulet should be kept in a cloth holster that can be placed inside of a wallet or purse. If for a baby, it can be tied at the top of a cradle, but should be kept out of the baby’s reach.

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  • Sterling Silver
  • PV-302
  • #4177

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