72 Names of God

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Special silver plate engraved nameplate with 72 names of God. In the back of the nameplate is embedded 5 metals: silver, gold, tin, copper and lead. The nameplate is particularly suitable to carry in a purse, bag or placed under the pillow or mattress.

The nameplate comes in a natural lightweight pouch.

72 Names of God is a spiritual tool and powerful. It gives plenty of luck and blessing, completeness and happiness.

With 72 Names, brings us to Kabbalah, a way to communicate with the physical world and the spiritual - through the power miraculous change of all areas of our lives where we feel the need for change, strengthening, protection and breakthrough. 72 different names for the Creator of the world, each one responsible for an area of our lives.

Taking the explicit name, breaking it down into factors and connecting its geometry numbers, we get the number 72:

Y (10), Yeh (15), Yeh (21), YH (26)

10 + 15 + 21 + 26 = 72 which are the 72 names of the Creator.

Plate size 5.5 cm by 4.5 cm

Made in Israel

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