Annual Seder Plate Sale

We just finished celebrating Purim and now it is time to get ready for Passover!

Do you have everything you need for your Passover Seder?

  • Haggadot-Books containing the service for the Seder
  • Seder Plates-Ceremonial dish that contains the traditional food symbols for the Seder
  • Matza dish-to hold the matza during the meal
  • Kiddush cups-one for each attending the Seder in addition, Elijah Goblet and Miriam Cup
  • Matza Cover-holds the three matzot during the Seder
  • Afikomen Bag-Special bag to hide the middle piece of matza
  • Mayim Acharonim-Ceremonial dish and cup for washing the hands during the Seder
  • Candlesticks-The Seder begins with the lighting of the candles
  • Saltwater and Horseradish Dishes-Pretty dishes made especially for Passover
  • Plagues-Bag of plagues to use during the Seder
  • Kepot-Yarmulkes-headcovering worn at the Seder
  • Passover Music-Games-Puzzles and so much more to keep kids of all ages happy!
  • Gifts for finding the Afikomen
  • Host Gifts to take to the Seder

Stop by Shalom House Fine Judaica to see all the wonderful items we have for Passover!

It is our annual Seder Plate Sale where all Seder Plates in stock are 20% off through March 30, just in time for the Seder!

We are here to help with selecting Haggadot and everything you need for the Seder table.

See you soon!

If you aren't local shop online at

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