Host Gifts

Isn't being the guests great? Letting go of the lead and dressing up, sitting down for a great dinner, without being the ones that did all the cooking. We all love to be the ones planning the meal and making sure everyone is enjoying themselves, but from time to time, it's nice to sit back and be the guest. Since you're an experienced host yourself, or simply a polite person, you know better than coming empty handed. So whether it's desert you're bringing, or a good wine, we've gathered a list of wonderful host gifts for you to bring along so that you'll be awarded the guest of the month, even without clearing the table!

Host gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for the friend or family that's planned a meal or an entire shabbat, with your preferences in mind.  Browse through this wonderfully versatile category full of host gifts anyone would be happy to get. You might even choose something for yourself, to thank yourself for being such a great host!

Pomegranate Bread Knife
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