Prayer Books

What are we, without prayer? This wonderful custom, our important mitzvah, which facilitates a direct channel of communication between us and Hashem, our creator. We are told to daven 3 times a day, and while some of us don't keep up with all the practices, our talks with Hashem are ongoing. From childhood, we're taught to use our prayer books, the siddur, before we can even make out the words. We learn our first prayers by heart, like Moda Ani for morning time, and Shema Israel for night time, feeling like adults with our very first prayer books.

As we grow us, we get slightly less illustrated prayer books, and they stay close to our hearts. This category of Prayer Books contains a variety or siddurim we believe could help make your prayer experience that much more enlightening, as they contain beneficial comforts, explanations and translations. For this coming holiday season, choose a new prayer book for yourself, your loved ones, the newly weds or Bat and Bar mitzvahs. A prayer book is truly a gift that keeps on giving and the receiver will appreciate your kind thought for a long time.