Memorial Lights

Memorial lights have a place of honor in our lives. As jews, we strongly believe that a candle is significant. "Ner Hashem Nishmat Adam", we are told - The flame of The Compassionate One is the human soul. Our very soul, according to this proverb, is a part of Hashem, the creator. So it's no surprise that we light a candle to honor the shabbat and to remember those who are no longer with us.

Memorial lights are often used at home, in holiday times, to commemorate a family member who has passed away. When a holiday's prayer contains the Yizkor, the part where we mention our deceased family members. We usually have a memorial light lit for them at the same time. We also use these memorial lights around the yahrzeit, the day of their passing. Seeing these lights around the house and in the cemetery, brings warmth to our heart, as the light flickers, reminding us of all the wonderful times we had with our departed ones.

This category of memorial lights contains versatile options to use during the holidays, yahrzeits, at home, in the synagogue or at the cemetery. May we remember our dearly departed in love and laughter.