Talit Clips & Bags

Who said a Tallit can't be lit? Spruce up your prayer appearance with a tallit clip. The unique tallit clips in this category are beautiful and can really add character to anyone who wears them. A fun Tallit clip can make a great holiday gift for anyone, and will make a bat or bat mitzvah especially happy. And what about a bag for your tallit? Are you still carrying around that same bag from your bar mitzvah? Carry your tallit in style with a new tallit bag. This time you get to choose it for yourself!

The Tallit bag is what keeps it safe while we don't use it. All of the bags in this category will keep your dear Tallit from dust and tears, all you need to do is choose the style you like. This category of tallit clips and bags is very useful for anyone who uses a tallit. It also contains some great gift options, so think of the next events you're invited to and you might make more people happy with a decorative tallit clip and bag.