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Shofar, Stands & Bags

Is there a better sign for the High Holidays than the Shofar? The Shofar is our ceremonial horn which is blown during the most important prayers of the year. It is said that the Shofar's voice can unlock the doors of our soul, so we could pray with a pure heart. Having a Shofar at home means you get to practice regularly and might even be the person in charge of blowing it in the synagogue. If you or someone near you owns a shofar, it's great to have all the added accessories.

This category of Shofar stands and bags is very useful for anyone looking to get a new shofar for themselves or a loved one. This Shofar Stands and Bags category is also the home of some beautiful items which can make a unique holiday gift. To keep a Shofar safe, it's very common to mount it on a stand or wrap it in a bag. Browse through this category to find some wonderful options to make the Shofar owner in your life happy.