Traditional Ketubot

Mazal Tov! Picking out a Ketubah means that a happy couple is going to be united in love.

The Traditional Ketubot category holds a delightful variety of creative, unique and beautiful Ketubas made according to the traditional style. We cherry picked this selection, to only present you with the most classical items, made by artists who are happy to take part in making your special day, all the more exclusive. This category holds Ketubas in many different traditional styles, colors, shapes and sizes. There’s something for everyone. 

Whether you like a clean traditional design or a natural touch, this category has many items for you to choose from. Your Ketubah should reflect your style and passion. Many couples choose to hang their Ketubah up in their home, as a loving memory, so make sure to choose a design that suits you. You could be looking at this Ketubah, showing your name and the date of your special day, in 20 years from now, while holding the hand of your spouse.  Sit back, relax and choose from this wonderfully colorful selection of traditional ketubot. 

Price: $300 - $300

Text Only Ketubah
Sku: text-only-ketubah-by-stephanie-caplan