We never knew Mezuzahs could be so much fun! Each of our uniquely decorated Mezuzah, is Kosher and certified in all ways needed, but in addition to that, they are also beautiful! Your doorway deserves a little treat, give it some life, add some color to the doorpost, by choosing your favorite Mezuzahs from our wide selection in this delightful category. These Mezuzahs add style to the entire room all while making sure everyone remembers to reach up to kiss them.

Madein USA
Ski Mezuzah - Copper
Sku: prod-6650
Madein Israel
Sku: prod-10903
Madein Israel
Stone Wall Mezuzah Large
Sku: prod-swml
Madein Israel
Stone Wall Mezuzah Medium
Sku: prod=swmm
Madein Israel
Stone Wall Mezuzah Small
Sku: prod-swms
Tree of Life Mezuzah-Nambe
Sku: prod-MT1149
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By: Nambe
Madein USA
Tree Trunk Mezuzah
Sku: prod-mez163C
By: Quest