Men's Tallit

Is it time for the Bat and Bar Mitzvah to choose their tallit? Is your Tallit begging to be retired and replaced by a new one? You've come to the right place. The Tallit category holds a wide variety of tallit options for everyone.

The Tallit is a significant part of the tefillah, whether it's on our everyday davens and in shabbat and festivals. Our Tallit is with us, wrapped around us, allowing the mind to focus solely on our conversation with Hashem while it keeps the outside world where it belongs - outside.  Followers of different rabbis choose various fabrics, embellishments and ptillim, which are the wool strings that hang from the tallit.

People of different origins choose different styles of Tallit, and after all, fashion lays its long hand on all items, including these lovely Tallit and Kippah sets. Whether you'd like the traditional black and white tallit or a colorful turquoise one, we've got you covered. Purple, gold and even orange are now favorite options in this ever growing category of Tallits. Browse through this wonderful category to find your next Tallit among all these unique options.

Mishkan Hatchelet White Wool Tallit
Sku: mishkan-hatchelet-white-wool-tallit
Mishkan Hatchelet White Wool Tallit with Gold Embellishment
Sku: mishkan-hatchelet-white-wool-tallit-with-silver-embellishment
Gabrieli silk Tallit - Blue on white
Sku: gabrieli-silk-tallit-blue-on-white
Gabrieli Silk Tallit - Dark Red
Sku: copy-of-gabrieli-silk-tallit-blue-on-white
Gabrieli Silk Tallit - Purple
Sku: copy-of-gabrieli-silk-tallit-dark-red
Gabrieli Silk Tallit -Gray and Black
Sku: copy-of-gabrieli-silk-tallit-blue-on-white-2
Gabrieli Silk Tallit -Gray and Turquoise
Sku: copy-of-gabrieli-silk-tallit-gray-black-and-white
Gabrieli Silk Tallit -Gray, Black and White
Sku: copy-of-gabrieli-silk-tallit-gray-and-black
Gabrieli Silk Tallit -Green and Gray
Sku: copy-of-gabrieli-silk-tallit-gray-and-turquoise
Gabrieli Silk Tallit -Navy and Silver
Sku: copy-gabrieli-silk-tallit-green-and-gray
Gabrieli Silk Tallit -Orange and Turquoise
Sku: copy-of-gabrieli-silk-tallit-navy-and-silver
Men's Traditional Black and Gold Tallit Set
Sku: mens-traditional-black-and-gold-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Men's Traditional Tallit Set by Eretz Judaica
Sku: mens-traditional-tallit-set-by-eretz-judaica-2
Ptil Techelet-Blue Tzitzit Strings
Sku: ptil-techelet-blue-tzitzit-strings