Men's Talit

Talit, tzitzit and tefillin. Such important mitzvahs. These items symbolize so much and connect us to our ancient people. The moment we wear the tzitzit, put on the tefillin, and cover ourselves with our beloved tallit, we're flooded with memories from our own lives and those of our people. When we're safely wrapped in our familiar tallit, our arm and head geared with tefillin, we assume responsibility for the continuity of our people, by keeping our tradition alive.

This lovely category is dedicated entirely to talit, tzitzit and tefillin, full of options in many styles. Browse through it to find the right set for you. Whether you're getting a set for yourself or for someone else, like a bar mitzvah boy, make sure to review all the fun and colorful options, so that tefilla time will become all the more special.

Price: $60 - $2500

Madein Israel
Agam Talit Set
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Madein Israel
Agam Talit Set large size
Sku: prod-agaml
Blues Talit With Silver
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Men's Traditional Black and Gold Tallit Set
Sku: mens-traditional-black-and-gold-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Raw Silk Talit-Jerusalem Blue
Sku: prod-1504
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