Women's Talit

Tefilla is a time to connect with hashem and ourselves. When we close our eyes; whisper, sing or shout the words of our sacred tefilla, we can split the skies and reach all the way to hashem. Being wrapped in a tallit is a special time, when we're able to clear the mind and concentrate solely on the tefilla. Isolated from the outside world, thanks to our tallit, tzitzit and tefillin, we use ancient words to bring meaning to our contemporary world.

This lovely category is dedicated entirely to talit, tzitzit and tefillin, full of options in many lovely styles. Browse through it to find the right set for you, but it won't be easy, since there are so many great  options! Whether you're getting a set for yourself or for someone else, like a bat mitzvah girl, make sure to review all the fun and colorful options, so that tefilla time will become all the more special.

Blue Rose Tallit Set
Sku: blue-rose-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Cream Chiffon Tallit Set
Sku: cream-chiffon-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Cream Crushed Chiffon Tallit Set
Sku: cream-crushed-chiffon-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Gold Rose Tallit Set
Sku: gold-rose-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Madein Israel
Lavendar Lace Talit
Sku: prod-4797
Lavender Chiffon Tallit Set
Sku: lavender-chiffon-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Pink Organza Tallit Set
Sku: pink-organza-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Pink Rose Tallit Set
Sku: pink-rose-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Royal Blue Chiffon Tallit Set
Sku: royal-blue-chiffon-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Silver Rose Tallit Set
Sku: silver-rose-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Teal Chiffon Tallit Set
Sku: teal-chiffon-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Three-Piece Tallit Set for Women ADE-933
Sku: three-piece-tallit-set-for-women-ade-933-by-michelle-judaica
Three-Piece Tallit Set for Women ADE-962
Sku: three-piece-tallit-set-for-women-ade-962-by-michelle-judaica
White Organza Tallit Set
Sku: white-organza-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
Women's Tallit Set Jerusalem - Pink & Purple PSI-47
Sku: womens-tallit-set-jerusalem-pink-purple-psi-47