Woman of Valor

Shabbat is a time for creating memories, often around the decorated and laden table. Our tradition holds so many beautiful rituals, one of which is singing - like the levites in the holy temple, we sing to praise Hashem and add a touch of holiness to our home and shabbat. Eshet Chail - Woman of Valor - is one of the songs most recognized with Shabbat. It can be interpreted to be meant for praising Shabbat, Hashem, or the keeper of the house. It’s a beautifully written poem, which thanks do doer for their hard work, kindness and love of others. Eshet Chail has been known to encourage towards tzedakah - the mitzvah of charity, and is generally a heartwarming chant.

Every family has their own way of singing this beloved song and there’s no doubt everyone knows the lyrics, at all ages.

In this category, we’ve gathered a variety of decorative Eshet Chail artworks, to inspire the love of Hashem and Tzedakah in your home. These pieces make great engagement, anniversary, holiday and housewarming gifts.