Woman of Valor

Shabbat is a time for creating memories, often around the decorated and laden table. Our tradition holds so many beautiful rituals, one of which is singing - like the levites in the holy temple, we sing to praise Hashem and add a touch of holiness to our home and shabbat. Eshet Chail - Woman of Valor - is one of the songs most recognized with Shabbat. It can be interpreted to be meant for praising Shabbat, Hashem, or the keeper of the house. It’s a beautifully written poem, which thanks do doer for their hard work, kindness and love of others. Eshet Chail has been known to encourage towards tzedakah - the mitzvah of charity, and is generally a heartwarming chant.

Every family has their own way of singing this beloved song and there’s no doubt everyone knows the lyrics, at all ages.

In this category, we’ve gathered a variety of decorative Eshet Chail artworks, to inspire the love of Hashem and Tzedakah in your home. These pieces make great engagement, anniversary, holiday and housewarming gifts.

Wall Art Woman of Valor Blessing Framed Papercut
Sku: wall-art-woman-of-valor-blessing-framed-papercut-by-enya-keshet
Woman of Valor Framed Wall Art, Papercut with Platinum Leaf
Sku: woman-of-valor-framed-wall-art-papercut-with-platinum-leaf-by-danny-azoulay