Home Blessings

Bring blessing into your home with a decorative piece that’s not only beautiful, but also inspiring. Your guests will wonder from one wall hanging to another, admiring the beautiful artwork while soaking in the pesukim and good words.

Our artists create these pieces to be hung in every space, from kitchen, through living room and bedrooms. These lovely pieces of handmade wall art bring every space together and create a warm and cozy feeling.

A home blessing is known to inspire health, wealth and happiness in the home, as it is made of several interconnecting chants, all made to create a single and meaningful chant.

These pieces make great engagement, anniversary, holiday and housewarming gifts. The unique items in this category were especially chosen to help you decorate your home, or gift your loved ones, with items that are truly a delight to have and receive.   

Home Blessing
Sku: home-blessing-by-enya-keshet
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-by-enya-keshet
Madein Israel
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut Blue and Gold
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-blue-and-gold
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut Peacock
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-peacock
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut Peacocks
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-peacocks
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut White
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-white-by-danny-azoulay
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Round Papercut White
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-round-papercut-white-by-danny-azoulay
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Round Trees
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-round-trees-by-danny-azoulay
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed White Papercut
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-white-papercut-by-danny-azoulay
Woman of Valor in Silver Glass by Schlanser
Sku: small-woman-of-valor-in-silver-glass-7-inch-by-schlanser