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Business Blessings

How many years have you had your business?  Was it passed down to you from your parents? Did you build it from scratch after dreaming about it for many years? Your place of business is a source of livelihood, but so much more. It's your creation, it's a second home. We spend many hours in it and put our hearts into making it work, literally :)  This category is dedicated to business blessings wall art. What's business blessings? Well, just like home blessings, they're unique pieces of art, made of scriptures and positive words.

They're created for the sole purpose of adding light and love to your place of business, blessing your business with the sense of judaism. We know that in order to make a business work, we need to put in so much of ourselves, and a business blessing wall art can remind us of all the good Hashem has brought into our lives, to raise our spirits whenever needed and make our place of business a happier place.  Whether you're looking to decorate your own place of business, or getting one for someone else, we're sure you'll enjoy this category and the lovely items shown.

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