Hanukkiot / Menorahs

Hanukkah is a holiday loved by all. It’s easy to see why; The festival of lights is a wonderful opportunity to meet, eat and laugh. In the center of festivities we light the Menorahs, for all to be reminded of the great miracle our people had. We have come a long way from the days of simple metal Menorah made of aluminum and copper. Menorahs are now an item to behold. Artists are exploring the wide variety of shapes and colors that can make up a Menorah.

Surprise your loved ones this year, by bringing home a set of unique Menorahs. This category holds a wide selection of Menorahs, made for everyone in your family; The children will enjoy an animal shaped menorah or a delightfully colorful one.  The teens might even crack a smile when you show them their new Art Deco menorah.  The grownups might not have time to sing Maoz Tzur with all the compliments they’re going to pay their Menorah. Modern or traditional, clean or loud. Whichever style you’re looking for, this category has it.

Giraffe Hanukkah Menorah - Metal and Wood
Sku: giraffe-hanukkah-menorah-by-acme-animal0
Art Deco Triangle with Colored Glass Menorah A21S
Sku: art-deco-triangle-with-colored-glass-menorah-a21s-by-gary-rosenthal
Art Deco Two Circle Large Glass Rectangular A35 Menorah
Sku: art-deco-two-circle-large-glass-rectangular-a35-menorah-by-gary-rosenthal
Black Orchid Menorah
Sku: black-orchid-menorah
Botanical Leaf Menorah
Sku: botanical-leaf-menorah
Chain Menorah
Sku: Chain-Menorah
By: Agayof
Children Menorahs Petite Cylindrical Blue-Silver MEN05A by Quest Gifts
Sku: children-menorahs-petite-cylindrical-blue-silver-men05a-by-quest-gifts
By: Quest
Children's Menorah Petite Cylindrical PinkSilver MEN05D by Quest Gifts
Sku: childrens-menorah-petite-cylindrical-pinksilver-men05d-by-quest-gifts
By: Quest
Contemporary Menorah, Dreidel Design - Silver & Blue
Sku: contemporary-menorah-dreidel-design-silver-blue-by-agayof
By: Agayof
Dancing Rabbi Menorah by Scott Nelles
Sku: dancing-rabbi-menorah-by-scott-nelles
Elephant Menorah - Metal and Wood
Sku: prod-8035
The product is currently sold out
Goose Chanukah Menorah - Metal and Wood
Sku: goose-chanukah-menorah-by-acme-animal0
Illume Menorah
Sku: illume-menorah-by-nambe