Some decisions in life are not as easy as others. Take the classic vanilla vs. chocolate ice cream dylemma. For most it’s a clear cut choice to make. You stand in the ice cream parlor, look at the glass and know immediately what you want. With dreidels however, this is not the case.

This category holds a wide selection of dreidels for you to really think about. We all know a dreidel is so much more than just a spinning toy decorated with letters. It’s a traditional momento of a great miracle that happened in the past, and a miracle maker when it comes to creating new traditions and family memories. This is the time to gather the parliament and decide about what’s important for you in a dreidel, since the choices are fabulous and endless. Whether it’s a spinning winner you’re looking for, a traditionally decorated piece or a light up plastic dreidel, we have them all here. Now it’s up to you. Which ones are your family going to enjoy this Hanukkah?

Madein Israel
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By: Dabbah
Madein USA
Seeka Dreidel by Seeka Art
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By: Seeka
Star Dreidel
Sku: star-dreidel-by-seeka
By: Seeka