Laurel Ketubah

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Laurel leaves and lavender—an exquisite and auspicious coupling! The idyllic design of the Laurel Ketubah is a frolic in the countryside. Though these natural motifs are concise, the connotations are numerous.

Laurel wreathes- that in ancient times were the accolades of accomplishment and the crown of excellence, are better known today as the aromatic bay leaf: a favorite in the chef’s kitchen. Lavender, with its amazing fragrance, once treasured as an exotic perfume, has widened its resume to include herbal and therapeutic capabilities. The laurel leaf and the lavender flower, with their own celebrated narratives combined, make a winning combination for a lovely border design for this charming ketubah…and a recipe for an ideal marriage!

Dimensions: 18” Hx15,4” W

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Hebrew Personalization

NOTE ABOUT AVAILABILITY AND SHIPPING: These ketubot are produced in Israel. If you require this ketubah personalized in less than 6 - 8 weeks, or non-personalized in less than 4 - 5 weeks, please contact us to discuss availability and shipping cost. Thanks!
(844) 443-3636

Ketubah purchases are final and cannot be returned or exchanged. For personalized ketubahs, the above timeframe BEGINS when we receive your COMPLETED KETUBAH WORKSHEET.

If you select personalization in less than four weeks, an additional RUSH SHIPPING fee will apply. Free ground shipping is NOT available for personalized ketubot to be delivered in less than four weeks. This is necessary to ensure timely delivery of your ketubah. Thank you for your understanding.

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"Personalization" means the pre-printed ketubah text will be filled in with your personal information.

NOTE: If you do not purchase personalization, the ketubah text will notinclude your personal information.

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  • Multi-layered papercut
  • Giclee print
  • A limited edition: signed and numbered by the artist

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