According to Maimonides (the Rambam), during prayer, all Jewish men are required to cover their heads with a “kippah”, the well known Jewish head-covering also known as a “yarmulke” (Yiddish). As described in the Gemara in Masechet Kidushin. wearing a kippah is a sign of piety, denoting one’s belief that God (the “Shechina”) dwells above their head. Subsequently, it has become common practice amongst observant Jews to wear kippot throughout the day, making these head coverings an integral part of their day to day fashion choices. Further yet, specific types of kippot have been adopted by different sectors of the Jewish population, e.g. black velvet kippot amongst Haredim (ultra-orthodox), knitted kippot amongst modern orthodox Zionists and the “Frik Kippah” amongst Breslever Hassidim.
Being such tokens of self-Judaic-expression, the choices for kippot today, especially here are Shalom House, are endless:

·  Made from materials such as satin, leather or silk;
·  Woven, machine sewn or knitted;
·  Displaying solid colors or imprinted with artistic designs, traditional patterns, or sports team logos.
·  And many, many more options…

Price: $10 - $140