Sports Kippah

Our parents bring us up to believe in certain things. They give us our deep faith, they provide support and the knowledge we can always rely on them, and they also pass on their love of a certain sports team. We grow up routing for our team, no matter what. Whether they’re enjoying the best winning streak ever or maybe sometimes they’re not doing so well, it does not matter. We are here for our team, rain or shine.
Let’s face it, your closet holds a full set of jerseys showing your team’s logo and you have too many team pants. Now’s the time to expand to other clothing items and get your very own sports head covering.
Choose your team’s customized Kipa and never again will you be mistaken for a fan of the rival group. The sports Yarmulkah is also a great conversation starter since fans will be able to know you’re one of them as soon as you turn your head.
Get a sports head covering for your child, yourself or your friend, it’s a gift that can really make anyone smile.