Candle Holders

Candle Holders are a beautiful element to have around the house. In our childhood homes we remember having various types of candle holders, whether for Shabbat or for when the lights went out and candles needed holding. A Jewish household is usually abundant in candle holders, as some were given as a wedding present while others for an anniversary. Our wide collection of fine Judaica candle holders can be passed on for generations, creating memories to be written about in future family books. Choose a Colorful modern candle holder for the Bat Mitzvah or an intricately decorated golden candle holder for your excited new Kallah. Whichever design you choose, it is sure to make light.

Black Orchid Candle Holders
Sku: black-orchid-candle-holders
Madein Israel
Miri Candlesticks
Sku: prod-14720
By: Avi Nadav
Molten Candleholders
Sku: molten-candleholders
Prayer Collection Shabbat Candle Holders
Sku: prayer-collection-shabbat-candle-holders-by-joy-stember-rosh-hashana
Prayer Collection Shabbat Set
Sku: prayer-collection-shabbat-set-by-joy-stember
Prayer Collection Shabbat Set with Tray
Sku: prayer-collection-shabbat-set-with-tray-by-joy-stember
Small Shabbat Candle Holders - Pebble Texture
Sku: small-shabbat-candle-holders-pebble-texture-by-joy-stember
Small Shabbat Candle Holders - Stone Texture
Sku: small-shabbat-candle-holders-stone-texture-by-joy-stember