Paris Je T’aime Ketubah b

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From antique city streets, to quaint cafés and gardens, Paris was made for falling head-over-heels completely in love. And thus, a perfect inspiration for a gorgeous Ketubah! The Paris Je T’aime Ketubah features a couple in love hitting the streets of Paris with birds, old buildings, hot air balloons, and of course, the Eiffel Tower. The basic color schemes accented by the white birds works beautifully with the overall design. The Paris Je T’aime Ketubah captures not only the magic of Paris, but the magic of falling in love. This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that still believe in the timeless romance of old black and white movies and roses on a Tuesday. This work of art will brighten up any home and add a touch of style and flair!
Dimensions:16" x 24"

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