Lublin Mezuzah

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This mezuzah is part of a new series from Mi Polin titled “Mezuzah from this house.” Before World War II, Poland had 3.5 million Jewish inhabitants as well a few million mezuzot. Almost all of the Jews and their mezuzot perished during the war, with only traces and empty holes remaining today in the place of mezuzahs.“Mezuzah from this house” is a bronze cast of the traces left behind and commemorates the Jewish lives of pre-war Poland. Each mezuzah has an engraved letter Shin and the address where the trace was found on the side. After sitting untouched for many years, these mezuzot can now fulfill their holy function again.

The story behind this mezuzah:

In this building lived Róża Fiszman- Sznajdman, an author of “My Lublin”. She was born in Lublin in 1913. In her book she describes the building at Lubartowska 47 and its residents: “The tenement consisted of four different buildings, that surrounded dirty backyard. There was a toilet in the middle of this yard. In the house used to live mostly poor people. They had always problems with earning money.”

Róża Fiszman- Sznajdman in 1946 left Poland and moved to Sweden.

The mezuzah measures 1.75"x 8.75" 

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