Good morning, A gitte voh and Bless you! Isn't it great to show our appreciation to others by wishing them well?

A kind word goes a long way, warming the hearts of both the blesser and the blessed. Add joy to your life by surrounding yourself with blessings.

Decorate your home or place of business with pesukim written ages ago, and bring their wholesome healing powers into your life. This category holds a wide variety of beautiful items. Meaningful ornaments, displaying blessings used for thousands of years, in an upbeat and trendy design.

Hang a luxurious platter on the wall of your study or mount a colorful stand on your desk. There are so many options to choose from, for yourself or as a gift for the next time you have a shabbat meal at your friend's house. Walking around the personal or business space will feel lighter and cosier with unique items wishing you well from table or wall.

Madein Israel
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut Blue and Gold
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-blue-and-gold
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut Peacock
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-peacock
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut Peacocks
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-peacocks
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut White
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-white-by-danny-azoulay
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Round Papercut White
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-round-papercut-white-by-danny-azoulay
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Round Trees
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-round-trees-by-danny-azoulay
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed White Papercut
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-white-papercut-by-danny-azoulay
Wall Art Woman of Valor Blessing Framed Papercut
Sku: wall-art-woman-of-valor-blessing-framed-papercut-by-enya-keshet
Woman of Valor Glass Platter with Leaves in Gold, 14-inch by Schlanser
Sku: woman-of-valor-glass-platter-with-leaves-in-gold-14-inch-by-schlanser
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Woman of Valor Gold Sculpture by Schlanser
Sku: woman-of-valor-gold-sculpture-14-inch-by-schlanser
Woman of Valor in Silver Glass by Schlanser
Sku: small-woman-of-valor-in-silver-glass-7-inch-by-schlanser