Zoz Tzedakah Box - Jerusalem Stone and Glass

By: CJ Art
SKU: prod-1786

This beautifully handcrafted and unique tzedakah box is fashioned in the design of a book and is made out of Jerusalem Stone and glass.  Designed by CJ-Art, this tzedakah box has the Hebrew word “tzedakah” carved at the spine of the book and on one side is the Pirke Avot quote in Hebrew "al shlosha devarim haolam omed- al hatorah, v'al haavodah, v'al gemilut hasadim" which translates to "The world stands on three things: on Torah, on Prayer, and on Good Deeds".

Price: $325.00
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  • Jerusalem Stone and Glass
  • CJ-Art
  • Made in Israel

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