Levi Kiddush Cup

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This beautiful sterling silver Kiddush cup transforming a traditional wine goblet into a more modern, elegant design. A rounded silver cup, tapered at its bottom, sits atop a stem which seamlessly flows into the base of the cup. The base of the cup is encircled by a ring of traditional filigree. The centerpiece of the cup is a regal element in the middle of the cup, with the words ‘Boreh Pri Hagafen’, signifying the blessing over wine, etched in elegant silver atop a colorful enamel background, adorned with silver decorations. Coated in gold to preserve the quality and taste of the wine. 

Avi Nadav, is a third generation artisan from a line of silversmiths who passed down the art of making these special and unique items from father to son.

Handwash with soap and water only.

Made in Israel 

Height: 5″ (12.75 Cm)
Width: 2.75″ (7 Cm)

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