Jerusalem Pottery Ceramic Havdalah Set

SKU: prod-14384

This beautiful havdalah set will add a touch of beauty to your Saturday night table.  As the Sabbath departs, a touching ceremony takes place with wine, spices, and a candle.  This set will be a great addition, as the wine is spilled and the candle drips, and we say goodbye to the Sabbath for one more week.

The entire set features a colorful floral design.

The words in the center of the plate read Hamavdil Ben Kodesh Lechol ("The One who separates between Holy and secular") in Hebrew.  In the very center is a Star of David.

Price: $75.00
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  • kiddush cup
  • candle holder
  •  spice box with lid
  • plate
  • Diameter of plate: 8.7" / 22 cm
  • Height of cup:  5.5"/14cm
  • Made in Israel

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