From the 5th commandment to honor thy mother and father (Exodus 20:12), to the importance of educating children (Proverbs 22:6) and the topic of inheritance discussed often in the scriptures, the bible is strewn with references regarding the importance of family and home. Indeed, one’s home is considered to be a steadfast of the lord.
The prominence of the home in Judaism is emblazoned in the beautiful prayer of unknown origin, the “Birkat Habayit” (The Home Blessing):
“Through this gate no sorrow will come.
In this dwelling no trouble will come.
Through this door no fright will come.
In this division no divisiveness will come.
In this place there will be blessings and peace.”
So enamored are with we with this prayer and the ideas behind it, that the blessing, whether appearing on a dedicated plaque or inscribed on a Hamsa, is gifted time and again in Jewish (and, often, non-Jewish) house warmings the world over.
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Sculpture Home Blessing by Schlanser Design
Sku: sculpture-home-blessing-by-schlanser-design
Sculpture Shema Y'israel in Hebrew & English, Silver by Schlanser
Sku: sculpture-shema-yisrael-in-hebrew-english-18-inch-silver-by-schlanser
Sculpture Shema Y'israel in Hebrew, Gold by Schlanser
Sku: sculpture-shema-yisrael-in-hebrew-18-inch-gold-by-schlanser
Sku: shema-mezuzah-with-shin-small
By: Agayof
Ski Mezuzah Bronze
Sku: ski-mezuzah-bronze-by-ruth-shapiro
Soccer Mezuzah by Quest Collection
Sku: soccer-mezuzah-by-quest-collection
By: Quest
Space Shuttle Mezuzah by Quest Collection
Sku: space-shuttle-mezuzah-by-quest-collection
By: Quest
Tree of Life Mezuzah
Sku: tree-of-life-mezuzah
Tree of Life Mezuzah
Sku: tree-of-life-mezuzah-by-seeka
By: Seeka