From 5,000 Maccabean fighters defeating a Greco-Syrian army of 45,000 trained soldiers to a small oil lamp that somehow stayed alight for 8 days and nights, Hanukkah is all about miracles, then, and now. As we come together each night to light the candles of the Hanukkiah, say the blessings, enjoy the flavors and aromas of a potato latke or a “suphgania” (jelly donut), we commemorate the miracles of old and bask in the wonders of family and our Jewish faith.

At Shalom House you will find anything and everything you need to make your Hanukkah holiday as memorable as the miraculous lamp of the holy temple:
·   A magnificent and mountainous selection of Hanukkah Menorahs, sporting themes that range from fun and playful to beautifully artistic.
·   Elaborate mantlepiece dreidels, as well as “everyday” dreidels for the kids to play with.
·   Hand crafted beeswax candles from Safed.
·   A wide array of Hanukkah decorations, toys, games and gifts.

Menorah Art Deco A15
Sku: menorah-art-deco-a15-by-gary-rosenthal
Menorah Baroque Golden-Peach MEN06D by Quest Gifts
Sku: menorah-baroque-golden-peach-men06d-by-quest-gifts
By: Quest
Menorah Baroque Green-Silver MEN06A by Quest Gifts
Sku: menorah-baroque-green-silver-men06a-by-quest-gifts
By: Quest
Menorah Sterling Silver
Sku: menorah-sterling-silver-by-dabbah
Moonlight Menorah
Sku: moonlight-menorah-by-shardz
By: Shardz
Moose Hanukkah Menorah
Sku: moose-hanukkah-menorah-by-acme-animal
Multicolor Dancing Dreidel,
Sku: multicolor-dancing-dreidel-by-melanie-dankowicz
Multicolor Module Menorah
Sku: multicolor-module-menorah-by-adi-sidler
Noah's Ark Children's Chanukah Menorah
Sku: noahs-ark-childrens-chanukah-menorah-by-acme-animal
Oxidized Tree of Life Menorah
Sku: oxidized-tree-of-life-menorah-by-michael-aram
Palm Menorah Nickelplate
Sku: palm-menorah-nickelplate