Bar & Bat Mitzvah

As a part of the Jewish people, we are proud of our sacred traditions and mitzvot which kept us together for thousands of years. Every culture has its rites of passage, and ours are world renowned. Who in this world hasn’t heard of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? People from all over the world recognize this important pair of words - Bat Mitzvah. We put much weight on the age of 12 for girls and 13 for boys. From their birth, we teach our children the many mitzvot and guidelines we follow as jews. Our children know that when they reach the age of 12 or 13, observing mitzvot will turn into their very own responsibility. No wonder we choose to celebrate this important milestone in the child’s life with a reading in the Torah, a party and special presents. This beautiful collection of gifts and monuments for Bar or Bat Mitzvah has you covered for the next party you’re invited to. The Bat or Bar Mitzvah will be thrilled to have any of these fun and exciting items, signifying their entrance through the doors of the world of mitzvot! 

Prayer Collection Baruch Kiddush Cup
Sku: prayer-collection-baruch-kiddush-cup-by-joy-stember
Prayer Collection I am My Beloved's Kiddush Cup
Sku: prayer-collection-i-am-my-beloveds-kiddush-cup-by-joy-stember
Ptil Techelet-Blue Tzitzit Strings
Sku: ptil-techelet-blue-tzitzit-strings
Purple Flowers Silk Talit
Sku: prod-54091
MSRP: $300.00 Save: $60.00
Royal Blue Chiffon Tallit Set
Sku: royal-blue-chiffon-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
MSRP: $300.00 Save: $60.00
Scene of Jerusalem Talit - Silk Bijoux
Sku: prod-5547
MSRP: $240.00 Save: $48.00
Scene of Jerusalem Talit - Silk Bijoux
Sku: prod-5549
MSRP: $240.00 Save: $48.00
Silk Tallit - Gray with Black Design
Sku: prod-11365
MSRP: $275.00 Save: $55.00
Silk Tallit- Green and Gray
Sku: prod-12742
MSRP: $275.00 Save: $55.00
Silk Tallit- Navy and Silver
Sku: prod-12748
MSRP: $275.00 Save: $55.00
Silk Tallit- Orange and Turquoise
Sku: prod-12754
MSRP: $275.00 Save: $55.00
Silk Tallit- Purple with Gray
Sku: prod-12760
MSRP: $275.00 Save: $55.00
Silk Tallit-Gray with Black and White
Sku: prod-12730
MSRP: $275.00 Save: $55.00
Silk Tallit-Gray with Turquoise
Sku: prod-12736
MSRP: $275.00 Save: $55.00
Silver Rose Tallit Set
Sku: silver-rose-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
MSRP: $375.00 Save: $75.00
Square Kiddush Cup
Sku: square-kiddush-cup-by-joy-stember
Square Kiddush Cup - Pebble Texture
Sku: square-kiddush-cup-pebble-texture-by-joy-stember
Square Kiddush Cup - Stone Texture
Sku: square-kiddush-cup-stone-texture-by-joy-stember
Star of David, 14k Gold with Diamonds, Small by Alef Bet
Sku: star-of-david-14k-gold-with-diamonds-small-by-alef-bet
Star of David, 14k White Gold with Diamonds by Alef Bet
Sku: star-of-david-14k-white-gold-with-diamonds-by-alef-bet
Star of David, 14k White Gold with Diamonds, FS by Alef Bet
Sku: star-of-david-14k-white-gold-with-diamonds-fs-by-alef-bet
Star of David, 14k White Gold with Diamonds, Small by Alef Bet
Sku: star-of-david-14k-white-gold-with-diamonds-small-by-alef-bet
Star of David, 14k Yellow Gold with Diamonds, FS by Alef Bet
Sku: star-of-david-14k-yellow-gold-with-diamonds-fs-by-alef-bet
T - 1914B Tallit - Wool
Sku: prod-5009
MSRP: $400.00 Save: $80.00
Tallit in Wool - Lavender by Gabrieli -
Sku: tallit-in-wool-lavender-by-gabrieli
Teal Chiffon Tallit Set
Sku: teal-chiffon-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
MSRP: $310.00 Save: $62.00
Three-Piece Tallit Set for Women ADE-933
Sku: three-piece-tallit-set-for-women-ade-933-by-michelle-judaica
MSRP: $300.00 Save: $60.00
Three-Piece Tallit Set for Women ADE-962
Sku: three-piece-tallit-set-for-women-ade-962-by-michelle-judaica
MSRP: $325.00 Save: $65.00
Traditional Tallit Set
Sku: traditional-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
MSRP: $330.00 Save: $66.00
Tree of Life Kiddush Cup
Sku: tree-of-life-kiddush-cup-by-nambe
By: Nambe
Tree of Life Yad
Sku: tree-of-life-yad-by-quest
By: Quest
Violet Paisley Talis
MSRP: $100.00 Save: $20.00
White Floral Talit - Organza
Sku: prod-5770
MSRP: $215.00 Save: $43.00
By: Ronit Gur
White Organza Tallit Set
Sku: white-organza-tallit-set-by-michelle-judaica
MSRP: $230.00 Save: $46.00
White Tallit Set with Off White Tule by Eretz Judaica
Sku: copy-of-white-tallit-set-by-eretz-judaica
MSRP: $350.00 Save: $70.00
Women's Tallit Set Jerusalem - Pink & Purple PSI-47
Sku: womens-tallit-set-jerusalem-pink-purple-psi-47
MSRP: $240.00 Save: $48.00
ZionTalis Ariel Collection
MSRP: $110.00 Save: $22.00