Have you ever wondered why so many tallitot include the light blue color? The answer is, at once, simple and, as you might expect in Judaism, not so simple.
Colors, in general, play a big part in biblical storytelling, and a few have a major role, chief amongst them, “Tchelet” or light blue, the color of the heavens and the sea, representing the grandeur of God’s creation. In light of this, the Torah commands us to make “tzizit”, the strings at the edges of the tallit, with Tchelet. This is the most prevalent interpretation, however there are many others: some say Tchelet refers to crimson, others that Tchelet is actually a material, and on an on the discussion continues.
It is said that a quorum of 10 Jews will hold 10 different ideas, and the debate around "Tchelet" is a classic example. Some might wrinkle their brow at this, but this is actually representative of the way in which the Jewish faith embodies and encourages pluralism. At Shalom House we also embrace diversity, offering a wide selection of fine Talitot so that you may give expression to your own tastes and beliefs.

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