Kiddush Cups

Whether in Johannesburg, Melbourne, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Brooklyn or Jerusalem, if you peek inside a Jewish home on Friday evening you will find an extraordinarily similar picture: families gathered together for the kiddush ceremony prior to the festive Shabbat evening meal. At the center of this age old ritual, originally of the Babylonian Talmud and dating from as far back as the 6th century B.C.E, is the blessing on the wine, “Boreh Pri Hageffen”, poured carefully into the customary kiddush cup.
You need look no further than the Israel Museum's collection of kiddush cups to understand the universal nature and significance of this artifact to the Jewish people, e.g.: 1815 silver, Moscow; 1691 silver, Cluj, Transylvania; 100-200 CE, yellow blown glass cup, Eastern Mediterranean; a Jewish coin of the First Jewish War, minted with a kiddush cup, 69 CE, Israel. Many of these cups have been preserved as family heirlooms, passed down generation to generation. Why not start your own familial tradition with a cup from our collection of magnificent kiddush cups, worthy of any Erev Shabbat table.

Shardz Kiddush Cup - Wedding Delicata
Sku: shardz-kiddush-cup-wedding-delicata-by-shardz
By: Shardz
Shardz Kiddush Cup - Wedding Wedding
Sku: shardz-kiddush-cup-wedding-wedding-by-shardz
By: Shardz
Square Kiddush Cup
Sku: square-kiddush-cup-by-joy-stember
Square Kiddush Cup - Pebble Texture
Sku: square-kiddush-cup-pebble-texture-by-joy-stember
Square Kiddush Cup - Stone Texture
Sku: square-kiddush-cup-stone-texture-by-joy-stember
Tree of Life Celebration Cup
Sku: tree-of-life-celebration-cup
Tree of Life Kiddush Cup
Sku: tree-of-life-kiddush-cup-by-nambe
By: Nambe
White Orchid Celebration Cup
Sku: white-orchid-celebration-cup