Passover Seder in Two Weeks!

Passover Seder in Two Weeks!

Got Haggadot? Visit Shalom House Fine Judaica to see the wonderful selection!

Got Seder Plate? All Seder Plates in stock are on sale at 20% off regular price.

Got Matza Dish?  Many of ours match the Seder Plates.

Got Kiddush Cups?   You should have a goblet for everyone.  We also have Elijah and Miriam Cups.

Got Matza Cover?  We have a magnificent selection in different price ranges.

Got Afikomen Bag?  Special bag to hide the middle matza.

Got Mayim Acharonim?  Ceremonial dish and cup for washing the hands during the Seder.

Got Candlesticks?  The Seder begins with lighting of the candles.

Got Saltwater and Horseradish dishes?  Pretty dishes made especially for Passover.

Got Plagues?  Yes, we actually have to bring to your home to make your Seder come alive!

Got Frogs?  We have a great selection that make sounds, jump, or decorate your table.

Got Kepot?  Fancy ones, simple ones, kepot for all ages, even babies!  We have them by the dozen for your guests.

Got Music, Games, Puzzles?  Play Passover Music when your guests arrive.  Keep the children of all ages happy with games, puzzles, placemats and more!

Got Gifts for finding the Afikomen?  Give something Jewish: jewelry, keepsake boxes, books, puzzles, games, even FROGS!

Got Host Gifts?  Going to a seder, give any of the above.  We are here to assist you in your gift selection.

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